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[The MFP-03 MIDI Filer]


The above rotating star is the logo of one of the vendors below. Can you guess which one? Drop me a note if you can! But beware — this question is not a trivial one! :-)

Web Site

Company and chips used in the MFP-03 Laboratories — M6117C EMC & M5113 I/O
www.amd.comAdvanced Micro Devices — AM29F010 flash EEPROM
www.samsungsemi.comSamsung — KM416C1204C EDO DRAM Goldstar — GM71C18163C EDO DRAM — HY5118164C EDO DRAM
www.sharpmed.comSharp — LH6C18165 EDO DRAM, PC410 optoisolator
www.ti.comTexas Instruments — TMS418169A EDO DRAM, AHCMOS logic, TPA302 amp, TLC5920 LED driver
www.icst.comIntegrated Circuit Systems — AV9154-24 clock chip
www.microclock.comMicroclock — MK3230-16 clock chip
www.maxim-ic.comMAXIM — MAX809L voltage supervisor, ICL7621 op amp
www.kingbright.comKingbright — PSC05-12, PDC54-11 alphanumeric LED displays Light — C-508, C-542 alphanumeric LED displays
www.everlight.comEverlight — EL-D525 alphanumeric LED display
www.lumex.comLumex — LDD-F5402RI, LDS-C5012RI alphanumeric LED displays — SY-DDC542W alphanumeric LED display

The companies above manufacture chips used in my MFP-03 MIDI Filer project. A good starting point for chip navigation is the Chip Directory, or just use this list of Manufacturers Web Sites. Not enough? Then see the Dana’s Manufacturers Web Site Index.

The following sites, pages and addresses are connected with the MIDI Filer project and MIDI in general, and I recommend checking them out: Ltd. — the first brave volunteer manufacturer of the MFP-03
George Hansper’sIntroduction to MIDI
MIDI XplainedComprehensive MIDI Guide by Ernst Nathorst Böös Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center Instruments MIDI guides
www.midi.orgThe MIDI Manufacturers Association
www.amei.or.jpThe Association of Musical Electronics Industry
www.xgcentral.comThe XG Central — free XG MIDI files
www.hitron-e.comHitron — HVI13-10 power supply double-speed SuperDisk™ drive (LKM-934-1)
www.ortechnology.comO.R. Technology SuperDisk™ a:drive™
www.superdisk.comImation SuperDisk™ (LS-120) drive
www.superdiskdrive.comMitsubishi SuperDisk™ drive (MF357)
www.highpoint-tech.comHighPoint Technologies — authors of MF357 drivers
www.goldenbow.comGolden Bow Systems — authors of Vcache™
www.datalight.comDatalight — authors of ROM-DOS™
www.steinberg.netSteinberg — authors of Cubase™ Gregson — author of XGedit™
Hubert.Winkler@siemens.atHubert Winkler — author of MIDI „Cable“
http://apack.cjb.netJoergen Ibsen — author of aPACK™ executable packer
Markus F.X.J. Oberhumerand Laszlo Molnar — authors of UPX executable packer

For links to other MIDI filer manufacturers, see the competitors list in the project description. It’s worth noting that I’ve not been alone all those years. Andrew Shevtsov and Valeri Shchurishin from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, have also been working on a similar MIDI filer but with standard floppy drive, the AV2. For more information, please see their site.

Finally, a couple of personal links (Note: Both sites are in Russian).

  1. My Russian friend Alex Volkov (Vilnius, Lithuania), a XG composer / arranger / musician / poet, along with Anatoly Davidov (Visaginas), Leonid Gurulev (Irkutsk) and other friends, has set up a very nice site called The Sincere People where you can find their work.
  2. There is a site devoted to Dean Reed, maintained by my friend Viktor Klypin (Buryat Republic, Russia). Translators are wanted for his English pages. Any volunteers please write to him.

[The Map of Bulgaria]And for those of you interested in my country, here you can hear The Bulgarian National Anthem! („Mila Rodino“, Music & Lyrics Copyright © 1885 by Tsvetan Radoslavov. Harmonised by Dobri Hristov.)

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I invite you to visit the Virtual Library of Bulgarian literature (translations in 4 languages available).

You can read some On-line books about Bulgarian history and arts, and find lots of other interesting materials in the EUnet Bulgaria (Digital Systems) site. You’re also welcome to my native town Varna! Can you find it on the map? Yes, it’s at the Black Sea coast, to the north of Burgas! And its history begins in 6th century BC…



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